Praise for Swim That Rock

“An affable coming-of-age novel… Jake’s voice is credible and appealing.  Particularly touching is his developing relationship with Darcy, a waitress who wears long sleeves to conceal her arms, one of which is badly burned.  Darcy’s scars, like Jake’s ungainliness, can be read as any flaw that preoccupies an ill-at-ease teenager.  But their story offers a way toward self-acceptance.”
-New York Times

"Steeped in atmosphere and rich in detail, this adventure captures the salt in the air as well as the omnipresent ticking deadline. Jake's struggle is easily relatable thanks to deft characterizations and an overall sense of authenticity." 
-Publisher's Weekly

Landlubbers who think they won’t give a rip for a novel about clamming have another think coming.”
-Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"[T]he distinct, clearly realized setting details distinguish this title from the vast schools of novels for young teens swimming in the publishing sea...Fills the bill for teens looking for atypical action adventure." 
-Kirkus Reviews

"Fast-paced...A refreshingly unique read."
-School Library Journal

"Readers will be hooked...[L]ushly detailed sense of place and character. "
-Horn Book Magazine

"Swim That Rock is a rare catch: a brilliantly crafted, heartwarming story of friendship and family; also a page-turner full of storms, mystery, danger, mobsters and even the odd pirate. Like the New England 'quahoggers' in their novel, John Rocco and Jay Primiano know how to bring the nets in full. Humor, adventure, wonderful characters, stakes that matter, and a setting so lovingly described you can taste the salt in the air – Swim That Rock is a savory feast."
—Rick Riordan

"This amazingly grounded adventure is filled with suspense and emotion, like a modern day Huck Finn, with a similarly timeless quality." 
-PowerHouse Books 

"[A] big feel-good finale. Order multiple copies and display."
-New England Children's Booksellers Advisory Council

"Adventure and drama combine to create a compelling story that will hook even reluctant readers. Highly recommended."
-Galaxy Bookshop, Hardwick VT